IELTS Test for UK Visa

IELTS Test,                           for UK Visa and Immigration

If you make a visa application to stay or move to the UK, you need to be aware of changes made by United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Before you register for your test you should check the English language requirements for your visa category. Test your English

If you are in the UK, contact UK Visas and Immigration (part of the UK Home Office).

If you are anywhere else in the world, you should contact the British Embassy or High Commission in your country.                                       Find-out which Cambridge EXAM you need?                 

                               Register for IELTS (SELT) OR Preparation

Our preparatory classes for IELTS (SELT) 

Class Enrollment:                Every Monday  (3 days a week) in 18 cities around United Kingdom Duration:                                            Depending on your Initial assessment                             How to enroll in cities around UK?:   Call 0121-6322676,  Contact                                    How much is the Fee?                       Only £45 per day, Per Person                                         

What will you get?              

  • Comprehensive preparation by Experienced and qualified Teachers
  • Assessment after every end of the day
  • Feedback after every assessment and individual learning plan


The following IELTS tests are on this list and have been approved for UK Visas and Immigration purposes:






This test is for test takers wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for those seeking professional registration in the UK.


General Training

This test is for test takers wishing to migrate to the UK and for those wishing to train or study below degree level.

IELTS Life Skills 


This test is for those who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills as part of their application to UK Visas and Immigration for indefinite leave to remain or citizenship.

IELTS Life Skills 


This test is for those who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills as part of their application to UK Visas and Immigration for ‘family of a settled person’ visas.

How will I be Assess?

You will be assessed on your ability in four key areas:

  • obtaining information
  • conveying information
  • speaking to communicate
  • engaging in discussion.

What happens during the test?


There are two main parts to IELTS Life Skills. In the first part, you are expected to ask and answer questions on familiar topics.  
The second part is a combined listening and speaking task. You will listen to a task played on a CD. Completing the task allows you to show your ability to listen for both the general meaning and detail. You will say your answers, although you can makes notes on paper while you listen to the CD. There will then be a discussion on a theme related to what you have listened to on the CD.  

Additionally, at B1 level, there is also a task where you plan an activity with the other candidate.

At times during the test, you will be allowed to take notes to prepare your answers. The examiner will not mark your notes – only your speaking and listening skills are marked.

How long is the test?


For IELTS Life Skills you only need to attend one short session to complete the test. The times allowed for each level are:

  • IELTS Life Skills - A1 Speaking and Listening 
    16–18 minutes
  • IELTS Life Skills - B1 Speaking and Listening 
    22 minutes
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